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Travel Basketball

welcome our new players to the Hoop Phi Hoop Basketball Organization.

Hoop Phi Hoop Travel Basketball Team Contract

We are excited to welcome our new players to the Hoop Phi Hoop Basketball Organization. We are looking forward to an outstanding season as we strive to build individual character, team concepts and exceptional basketball skills.

This letter is to inform players of the commitment that we are asking for in our players. It is important that in order for you to become better basketball players, you have to be able to finish what you started. You started playing basketball, so let’s finish it.

A mandatory registration fee of $26.00 (non refundable) will be due at sign up with Hoop Phi Hoop travel basketball team.

The monthly fee of $350.00 is to be paid by the 1st Monday of each month for your child’s participation on the team. If the monthly fee is not paid by the 3rd day of each month, a $26.00 late fee will be assessed. Parents the first and last month payment is due at sign-up.

Practice is Wednesday and Friday 6pm- 8pm.

All payments are made in full, no partial payments accepted. This is to make sure all arrangements are done in advance. These fees cover all hotels cost, transportation/gas cost, tournament cost, and gym cost.

Uniforms home/away are non refundable. Uniforms cost: $155.00 home/away uniforms and home /away shooting shirts included.

It’s mandatory that all players ride with the team on out of state road trips for insurance reasons.

Out of state tournaments are viewed by: Div. I, II, III, NAIA. Div. I, II and Jr. College Coaches.

The travel season start February thru the end of August 2018. This contract is for the entire travel season. Our 6th, 7th and 8th grade travel teams play year round. Hoop Phi Hoop Elite teams starts in February and ends the end of August.

Parents please make sure you are committed before signing this agreement. If for any reason this contractual agreement between Hoop Phi Hoop and the signee is canceled, the signee is responsible for any court or attorney fees.

Feel free to call: Jay Lee: Office 800-570-3226

Together we can teach our youth to achieve, and make a difference on and off the basketball court. POWER, DETERMINATION, RESILIENCE(PDR)

By signing, you are committed to following the guidelines of this contract agreement.