Education and Experience


Hoop Phi Hoop basketball organization is totally committed to developing players physically, mentally, and socially.

The Head Coach is Jay Lee. Jay Lee brings 19 plus years of basketball experience and teaching kids. He personally works with the kids teaching, practicing and perfecting basketball fundamentals. The fundamentals learned from him not only make them a better athlete, but helps them build character to carry them through life. Coach Jay Lee understands children and seeks to improve not only the player but the emerging man within the athlete. He encourages positive attitude not just on the courts, but in life. Young men and women seek his expertise to develop and enhance their basketball skills. He works with average, good to advance players of all ages.

Our coaches are working hard everyday to make sure our players have what they need to become student athletes. We are working together with coaches and parents to create a plan that will work for them. Hoop Phi Hoop is willing to help make the plan come true. We work with players that are focused on getting to the next level. Recruiting for colleges is very difficult to do. I will make sure players are ready to make important decisions when away from home. Sometimes players get home sick and return home and never go back to school. The key is for them to leave home, go to school and stay in school. Before we send any players off to school, we have to make sure they only come home for vacation. Our reputation is very important to us. We will not jeopardize that. That is the reason we work with serious players. The most important thing is to FINISH! PERSISTENCE, DEDICATION, AND RESILIENCE IS A GREAT WAY TO START.